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Gudanggorjang's model member departs

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Gudanggorjang’s model and most respected member Mr Sudamo Gomango expired peacefully in his house on 14oct 2016 As he wished he participated in the inauguration of the kindergarten( MTML CENTRE)on 2oth Oct 2016. He had donated the land for that kindergarten He was felicitated by Mrs. Ursula and me in the presence of the whole community on 3 Oct 2016.



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Gudanggorjangs Model volley ball team and play ground

On the occasion of the annual visit of one of our sponsors Mr Ursula from Gerany on 2 oct 2016 to the sponsored village Gudangorjang ,besides inaugurating the newly constructed child development centre ( anganwdi) and 22 smokeless chimney kitchens she I opened the new volley ball court which was donated by one of the famies and encouraged the team proving special jackets from Germany

She specially thanked PREM for the special rememberance service done in PREM premises on 5th OCT 2016 for  Guenter.


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Gudanggorjang’s Model kitchen cum dining room


20 families, with the support of PREM, have constructed Smokeless chimney- kitchen cum dining rooms. They are hygienic and beautiful. Understanding the advantages of this kitchen all the other families in the village and of the neighboring villages are eager to construct such kitchens. Mrs.Ursula Herold who has been sponsoring this village will soon visit the village


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Gudangorjang observes 70th independence day

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70th interdependence day of india was observed on 15 august 2016 in the premises of the newly constructed model Anganbani centre at the sora tribal village of Gudangorjang, Guma block, Gajapati district.

The national Falg was hoisted by a girlchild of the Anganbadi in the presence of the whole village community. The local Nayak Sarpanch Mrs. Mariyam Bhuyan and Gumma Co-ordinator of PREM Mr. Saheb Bisoi addressed the gathering.

The community took an Independence Day pledge to continue to keep the village open defecation, alcohol and tobacco, violence and litigation free and to ensure 100% immunization, water and environmental sanitation, education and nutrition of all children.

The Kids, the youth and women celebrated the day playing cricket, volley ball and badminton respectively.


Hon'ble Minister's visit to Bharat Mata Resource & Training Centre: an upholding step towards 'Ashajyoti' Programme under PREMA Project

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On this auspicious day, 28th July 2016, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Panigrahy, Hon’ble Minister, Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha, Mr. Sudhansu Kumar Samal, District Collector-Cum-Magistrate & other Bureaucrats visited Bharat Mata Resource & Training Centre to encourage and inspire adolescent girls for ‘Ashajyoti‘ Programme under PREMA Project , which leads them to a better livelihood in future.

Firstly, after welcome speech, PREM supremo Dr. Jacob Thundyil shared the objective and fruitfulness of the event elaborately. Then during his address, Chief-Guest, Hon’ble Minister praised the programme with wishes for betterment of the trainees in future. He addressed the audience to inculcate their adolescent girls to be a part of the programme. During the session, he also distributed certificates and sewing machines to the trainees.



MTML Anganwadi

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Mother tongue based multilingual early child hood education.

Multilingual education starts in kinder garden. For example they learn the the names of

dog, cow, chicken and goat which are in the village, in german, English, odia, hindi and sora.

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Gudanggorjang plants trees

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Gudanggorjang plants trees.

54 Families of Gudangorjang planted one each coconut and mango tree in their own lands and teek trees in community land. They carried the trees in their own vehicle from a nursery near to Parlekhemundi.




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Yoga day , 21st June, was observed in the model village Gudanggorjang, Gumma Block, gajapati.

22 Kids of the model Mother tongue based multilingual early childhood education centre of Gudangorjang participated in it. Through different yoga practices they were made to realize the importance of Yoga for their physical and mental development. The event was organized by gumma PREM co-ordinator, Mr. sahib Bisoi


New Anganwadi activities

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Gudanggorjang Model anganwadi:

With the support of MTML facilitators from PREM the Kids in the New Anganwdi centre learn by painting, dancing, playing and singing. They also exhibited their drawings on the Kindergarten Wall. Bio-data of the newly enrolled Kids are also depicted on the Wall.



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5TH June 20016


Gudanggorjang observes world environment day. The community resolves to continue their environment-friendly activities like, protection and care of toilets, smokeless kitchen, keeping the children’s park and kindergarten clean and beautiful, continue the use of eco-friendly sanitary napkins and manage the solid and liquid waste in the village. The anganwadi- children plant a few herbal plants. In the month of July the 54 families will plant a minimum of 2 each fruit bearing trees each and both the sides of village roads and vacant places will be made green with 1000 medicinal trees



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28THE MAY, INTERNATIONAL MENSTRUEL HYGIENE DAY ( 28 denotes the usual days of mensruel cycle and the 5the month denotes the usual duration of Menstruation)

It was observed in Gudanggorjang. 100 % women and adleschent girls use the eco and skinnfriendly reusable sanitary napkins prepared and provided by PREM. They demonstrated how the napkin is folded and dried in the sun.


agriculture training at Chandragiri

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Training on organic farming to adolescents during february '2016